Terlingua Rally FAQ

What is the Terlingua T@b Rally?

The Terlingua T@B Rally is a gathering of nüCamp RV product enthusiasts offering a getaway to the unique ghost town of Terlingua and the incredibly scenic Big Bend area of West Texas. This event is created, organized, and hosted by nüCamp RV ambassadors Mandy Lea and Kendrick. Everyone in the nüCamp family is welcome including T@Gs, T@Bs, T@DAs, Silver Shadows and Cirrus Truck Campers.

Can I attend even if I don't own a nüCamp RV?

This event is intended for nüCamp RV product owners. Models include T@G, T@B 320, T@B 400, Silver Shadow, T@DA, Avia, Barefoot, and Cirrus truck campers. We also welcome older models of Dutchman T@DAs and T@Bs, as well as previous Little Guy T@Gs and T@Bs specifically. We're sorry if this does not include you, but there are events out there for nearly every brand of camper on the market!

How do I register?

Registration is a two-step process: Step 1: Register for the Terlingua T@B Rally event via the EventBrite link and obtain a registration number. Registration will begin on March 1st, 2021, at 12PM Central. When you register, you must account for each adult (18 years and up) in your party: $50 registration fee per adult. Step 2: DO NOT CALL THE CAMPGROUND. When you register, you are guaranteed a site. Big Bend Resort will contact you as quickly as possible after registration to reserve and pay for your campsite. Please be patient with the office as they will be busy and this process will take several days! That's it! You're all registered! See you in Terlingua, Texas!

How do I get my campsite?

Once you check-out on Eventbrite, you are guaranteed a campsite. DO NOT CALL THE RESORT. The Big Bend Resort will contact you as quickly as possible after registration to reserve and pay for your campsite. Please be patient as this process will likely take several days. If you do not hear from the resort in a timely manner, please email Tracie at tculp@bigbend-adventures.com. All campsites have full hook-ups, with electric, water & sewer. There are also on-site bathroom and shower houses.

How much does it cost?

Terlingua T@B Rally registration fees are per person over age 18 rather than per campsite. Registration fees are $50 per person plus Eventbrite fees. Your fees will be used to cover the costs of catered meals, tent and table rentals, welcome bags, event t-shirts, and organized activities, among other things. When registering for the rally, there will be the option for First Camper. This option is for the first adult at each campsite. If you are a solo camper this is all you need to select before entering payment information. If you there are more adults (age 18+) in your campsite then select the number of additional campers you'd like to register under "add ons." Each paid adult will receive a welcome bag and T-shirt. All kids age 17 and younger will be allowed free entry, but they will not receive a welcome bag or t-shirt. Additional event t-shirts are availabe as an "add on" via the Eventbrite registration page. In addition to the event registration, you will need to pay for your campsite. After registering, the resort will call you to reserve your site. 30amp site: $39.60/night 50amp site: $44.10/night ALL sites at the campground are full hookups!

What is there to do during the rally?

Terlingua is located in the beautiful Big Bend region of West Texas. If you think you know Texas and haven't been to Big Bend then prepare to question everything you thought you knew about this state! There's something for everyone here! The area offers scenic drives, Jeep trails, hiking, road and mountain biking, river tours, horseback riding, restaurants, shopping, and so much more! Oh yeah, the area is so photogenic that we offer two photography workshops here a year! So get out and explore! Check out this page for a more detailed list!

Are there COVID precautions? What about a COVID cancellation policy?

Yes! Hopefully this isn't still an issue come October 2021, but we're planning for it anyways. August 1st, 2021, will be the day we decide whether or not to cancel the event due to COVID issues/concerns. If the event must be canceled you will be entitled to two refunds. The first refund is for the Terlingua T@b Rally event registration (less Eventbrite fees). The second refund is for your campsite reservation at Big Bend Resort & Adventure. They have agreed to eliminate all cancellation fees should we decide to cancel the event due to COVID concerns. This is as long as you cancel your campsite before October 15th, 2021. If you've already made travel plans, you can always choose to keep your reservation with Big Bend Resort even if the event is canceled due to COVID concerns. When necessary, we will kindly remind attendees to follow state/local/campground COVID mandates and precautions. If an attendee refuses to comply with our requests, we may ban the attendee from all future Terlingua T@b Rally events and prohibit them from attending any group events at the current rally. Please note that we will not issue registration refunds for people refusing to adhere to the state/local/campground COVID mandates.

Can I bring my dog/pet?

Yes! We understand that pets are an integral part of the experience for many campers. However, we ask that you be respectful and responsible with your pet. Pets are welcome at the resort as long as each pet is accompanied by a 6ft leash and an owner. Please do not leave your pet outside unattended. Pets are not allowed in the restrooms, showers, or other indoor areas unless they are a Service Animal or stated otherwise. Mobile pet fences are allowed. In addition, we ask that for all rally group events you keep your pets on a leash AND attended at all time. You must clean up after your pet and remove them from the crowd if they misbehave. Service animals are welcome. *Please note that pets are NOT allowed on any trails within the National Park. This is a National Park policy.

Can we have campfires?

You may bring your own above ground fire pit for use as allowed by any applicable fire restrictions/regulations in place at the time of your stay. Permanent fire pits are not provided by Big Bend Resort & Adventures at each site. Terlingua is in Brewster County, Texas. Fire restrictions can change often. Please check the Brester County website for most up to date fire bans. If it is permitted within fire regulations, the rally will be hosting nightly campfire gatherings. Bring your own chair and beverage!

When is check-in and check-out?

We understand that some people may like to arrive early and/or stay late. Below are the campground and Terlingua Rally start/end times. Campground check-in: 1:00PM (on arrival date) Campground check-out: 11:00AM (on departure date) Rally check-in: 4:00PM (Thursday, October 28, 2021) Rally end time: 10:00AM (Monday, November 1, 2021)

Can I set up a portable toilet?

Yes, you can! The only requirements are to dump the black water into the sewer hookup available at each campsite. Do NOT spill when emptying portable toilets into the sewer hookups!

Should I be concerned about wildlife?

You should be aware of the local wildlife. The Big Bend region is home to black bears, mountain lions, bobcats, coyotes, and javelina, among other things. The likelihood of seeing most of these is slim-to-none with the javelina being the most notable exception. Keep an eye out for these as they can sure do some damage to a moving car! The area is also home to a few creepy crawly things like rattlesnakes, tarantulas, scorpions, millipedes, and more. Don't let this scare you away! Mandy and Kendrick have been going to the Big Bend region for six years, hate creepy crawly things, and keep going back!

What is the cancellation policy?

There are two separate fees involved with this event; the rally fee & your campsite fees. In order to ensure that we can fill your space, both of these fees have a strict 30 day cancellation policy for your money back. If you would like to cancel your attendance, it must be done by end of business day (5pm MST) September 28, 2021. Contact us to cancel.

What steps are being taken to reduce our waste during this event?

One thing that drives us nuts at most camping events is the HUGE amount of waste generated. So, here's a few things we'll do to help reduce our impact: -Utilize reusable banners and signs for the event -Hand out compostable name badges for attendees -Encourage everyone to bring their own reusable dinnerware and drinkware to events -Supplying compostable dinnerware and drinkware to folks who don't bring their own -Setting up recycle and compost bins around the campground If you have any other suggestions for reducing our impact during this event just let us know!

Do I need a pass to enter the National and/or State Parks?

Yes, to both. To enter Big Bend National Park you either need a National Park Pass (America the Beautiful Pass--$80 annually) or a weekly pass. Both of these can be purchased either at the gate upon entry or at a visitor's center, if the gate is closed. Passes good for 7-days cost $30/vehicle, $25/motorcycle, or $15/person (if entering on a bicycle or foot). To enter Big Bend Ranch State Park you can either use a Texas State Park Pass ($70 annually) or stop at the Barton Warnock Visitor's Center in Lajitas to pay a fee of $5 per person per day. If you use a Texas State Park Pass you must still stop by the visitor's center to receive an admission receipt for your windshield, but you won't be charged anything.

What do I need to know about the trip to Boquillas, Mexico?

The border crossing to Boquillas is currently CLOSED with no predicted date of opening. If the crossing is not open by the event you will receive a full refund for this portion of your ticket. Boquillas, Mexico is a safe town, full of kind people! We will not be the only tourists in town. They are very used to crowds of tourists coming over during the day. Bring U.S. CASH for all transactions in Boquillas. One or two places might take cards, but don't rely on it. Due to its extreme isolation from the rest of Mexico the town relies almost exclusively on tourism. There will be ladies trying to sell crafts along the main street. There will be children trying to sell you bracelets and other things. If you want to buy something then do it. If not, a simple "no, gracias" with a smile is sufficient and will not offend anyone. Follow basic travel precautions. Don't leave your things lying around unattended. DON'T drink any tap water. Be respectful of the locals and their property. Feel free to strike up a conversation with anyone willing to listen. A lot of folks in Boquillas speak English, but a lot don't. Try out your Spanish skills! There are two restaurants and one bar in town. Usually both restaurants are open, but the bar is hit or miss. Both restaurants serve great margaritas and cold Mexican beer. PLEASE NOTE: - All participants MUST have a valid, current US passport. - Your fee includes your meal, as well as transportation from the crossing to the home of the family (canoe, truck and/or donkey). - The menu is not determined, but will include meat and other animal products. - 100% of proceeds from this trip will go directly to the host family. - If the border crossing is not open during our event, your trip fee will be refunded. - We will split the participants into 2 groups on 2 days. If you sign up with a spouse/partner, you will be together.